Getting started with AWS Rekognition




  1. Set up a project folder on your computer

  2. Create an AWS account.

  3. Create an IAM user

  4. Get and save security keys for your IAM account.

  5. Install boto3.

  6. Download the repo with sample AWS scripts

  7. Optional: Get a nice text editor

  8. Optional: Install Jupyer Notebook

1. Set up a project folder

2. Create an AWS account

See the Step 1 of the first module and follow those instructions to create an AWS account.

3. Create an IAM user

4. Get and save keys

5. Install boto3

6. Clone or download the repo

We have made sample python scripts and image examples available in a separate Github repo.

7. Get a nice text editor

Optional: To run the practice scripts, you will need to make some adjustments to the sample python scripts that you just downloaded from the repo (they are in the code directory). You can open these python scripts with any text editor (e.g. Notepad), but some editors will automatically format the results in a way that makes them easier to work with. There are may good options for text editors. This author likes Sublime, which you can download for free.

8. Install Jupyter Notebook

Optional: If you want to edit and run scripts using the jupyter notebook interface, you'll need to make sure you have it installed on your computer. If you originally installed python on your computer using Anaconda, you've already got it installed. If not, or to learn more, follow the steps here.

You can check to see if you have it installed by opening a bash terminal and typing jupyter notebook.